What you put on your skin is just as important as what you eat. Most of what you put on your skin can also be absorbed into your bloodstream. Hence it is better to use wood pressed organic oil for your skin and food.


Refined oils are processed way too much than virgin oils. Therefore they don’t provide as many nutrients. The refining process includes treating the oil with a chemical solution, deodorizing and bleaching the oil. Refined oils are also cut with less expensive oils, in order to keep costs low.
This process eliminates many of the nutrients and antioxidants that are present in the virgin oil. Hence the refined oils can’t provide the complete benefits. Although refined oils might be cheaper, they might not be healthy because the potent antioxidants have been stripped from the oil.
An easy way to find refined oil is the aroma. Virgin oils have strong natural aromas, so a lack of scent means it has been refined.


Using wood pressed oils is an extra step we take to ensure maximum results from our food and daily oil use. A wood press compacts seeds and plants between two plates, releasing their natural oil. Applying heat to the seeds and nuts while being pressed can speed up the process and produce more oil. The downside is that this heat can also break down the nutritional content and weaken the aroma.
Cold-pressing eliminates all the harmful effects that arise from the conventional methods of oil extraction. The only problem with cold pressed oils is their short shelf-life. As with all food processing, the addition of heat reduces the antioxidant content of refined coconut oil. Therefore, cold-pressed oil can be expected to have higher levels of antioxidants than its refined counterpart