Oil is an integral part of our food and lifestyle in India but it has also been depicted as the source of all health ailments. Ganya Agro set out to make oil as healthy and safe for the people and environment as possible. Today Ganya Agro has transformed into an abode for pure unadulterated, wood-pressed (Chekku) oil with all the nutritional benefits intact. Best wood pressed oil in chennai


Local is indeed the new global and we ardently follow the same mantra at Ganya Agro. In the era of mass-produced goods and industries, we exclusively specialize in indigenous locally-sourced cold pressed oils.
All our raw ingredients are handpicked straight from nature and procured only from local farmers. At the production phase, Ganya has deployed the expertise and knowledge of native women to ensure that every drop of oil is absolutely chemical free and produced only through traditional eco-friendly methods. Even the by-products produced by the manufacturing process are biodegradable in nature and are used as cattle feed and compost manure. The guilt free joy of using naturally extracted chekku oil is something we want all our customers to experience.


Cold-pressed wood chekku oil literally refers to oil extracted through traditional processes which involve grinding and low heat. Oil seeds are crushed and ground and the oil is extracted using pressure instead of heat to retain the nutrients in oil. The extracted oil is filtered and decanted without using any chemicals or preservatives and the oil is ready for use.



Coconut oil, extracted from kernel of mature coconuts in a traditional cold press and offers all the goodness and benefits of coconuts. This sweet smelling all-rounder oil can be used for lush skin, hair and a healthy body. The natural saturated fats present in coconut oil increase healthy cholesterol and prevent cardiac diseases. They also help accelerate metabolism and are beneficial in weight reduction. For the skin, coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer and useful to treat many skin disorders.


Sesame oil, extracted from the sesame seeds is one of the oldest seed oils that were ever produced. It is a flavorful oil with a distinct nutty aroma widely used in India. It has innumerous health benefits which make it a great substitute for refined cooking oils. The detoxing properties in sesame oil are useful for the skin and body. It is used in oil pulling practice which prevents bacterial build up in the mouth and gingivitis.


Extracted from groundnuts/peanuts, this oil has a strong flavor and a unique aroma. Groundnut oil has a very high smoking point and is also laden with healthy nutrients which make it an excellent cooking and frying oil. Groundnut oil is considered the healthiest cooking oil as it contains resveratrol, an antioxidant, which prevents several diseases such as cancer and heart diseases. The vitamin E and anti-oxidizing properties present in the oil also help improve skin health.

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