Cold-pressed oil, otherwise known as Chekku Yennai, is the best type of edible oil and has enormous health benefits. “Cold Pressing” is derived from a German phrase “kalt geschalagen” which literally means cold pummelled.

The use of traditional wooden press (or “Chekku” as it is locally known) ensures optimal temperatures during extraction that is essential to retain the nutritive value of the oil. Our ethical and eco-friendly procedures create biodegradable by-products that goes back to nature in the form of cattle fodder or compost.
By choosing Ganya Oils, you have made a smart choice towards adopting a healthy lifestyle for you, your family and supporting a greener and sustainable environment.


A traditional wooden press or Chekku

What is Cold Pressing ?

Cold Pressing is a process where the temperature is maintained at optimal levels during extraction by using a wooden extractor or wooden press. Seeds and nuts are rich in nutrients and flavour and the process of cold pressing ensures maximum retention of these. When exposed to high temperatures, seeds and nuts lose their natural flavours, colour and nutritive value. With zero preservatives or additives, cold pressed oils stay good for at least six months. The cold-pressing method is also free of hexane, an ozone-damaging chemical commonly used in refined oil preparation.

Refined oils have a high content of hexane and other chemicals used during the process of extraction and filtration for higher output and reduced costs. The refinement process also depletes the oil of nutritive value and includes additives and preservatives.